About Us

Welcome To Forenex

Forenex is an independent consulting and financial markets training firm that focusses on the efficient use of global financial market instruments and securities to structure unique and creative product solutions. These products are used by its clients looking for anything from yield enhancement to complex risk mitigation strategies.

A core strength of the company is the development of human capital. It aims to provide accurate and relevant financial markets training, with a particular focus on the skillset required by staff across the various areas within a corporate and investment bank.

A further strength lies in its ability construct individual and unique products, often using securities and instruments across the various financial spectrums in order to create products that are adjusted to the client’s specific requirements. This ability to structure over-the-counter (OTC) instruments often leads to exceptional yield enhancement without necessarily increasing the underlying risks associated with investing in that particular asset class.

Forenex Group has offices in Seychelles as well as the Republic of South Africa.

Our Core Values

Client Centric Focus
We strive to have client centricity in mind at all times.
"So close that you can tell them what they need, well before they realize it themselves"... Steve Jobs.
Integrity drives the moral fibre of humanity. We believe that true customer service can only be provided with the utmost levels of trust, honesty and integrity. These values cannot be bought or paid for and should be at the forefront of any mutually beneficial relationship.
We operate our business with a strong sense of humility and humbleness. We recognize that we are not here for ourselves alone, but to improve the lives of many. We believe that our actions in helping our clients achieve the best possible results for themselves, also filters down into the communities in which they operate and by doing so have a far more significant reach than can be seen on the surface.

Our Core Focus Areas

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus - Alexander Graham Bell