Company Valuation

Company Valuations

(Advanced Financial Analysis)

This five-day course is structured into two modules.

The first module is aimed at an intermediate level, and runs over three days, giving delegates a practical analysis of the different valuation techniques that can be used to value entities. The use of real options modeling, which is used to value patents, contracts and natural resources as well as for various other applications, is also covered. The course focuses on a framework that can be used to pick the right model for any task. It also features various exercises where participants will model actual valuation cases.

The second module is aimed at an advanced level, and builds on the work covered in the first module. The methodology used in this module is applications based. Delegates will work on a number of real life company valuations in various sectors. They will also learn how to apply advanced valuation techniques using industry analysis tools.

The course is practical in nature, and delegates can immediately use their knowledge in the workplace. Proprietary software will be made available to participants.