Excel Skills

Excel Skills

for Financial Managers


Option 1 – 5 days – Excel Skills Workshop: Essential to Expert

Option 2 – days 1-3 – Essential (Intermediate) Skills

Option 3 – days 3-5 – Expert Skills

Delegates should already have a basic knowledge of Excel – entering data into cells, creating basic formulas, navigating around your spreadsheets. This course will lift their skills and enable them to work faster and more effectively in Excel. At the end of this course participants will:

  • Be a fluent user of Excel’s Interface and Ribbon
  • Understand the Excel file formats and when to use them
  • Create their own formulas with the Formula AutoComplete feature
  • Create stunning, professional, presentation-quality charts
  • Use the Themes feature to create visually excellent worksheets
  • Create custom conditional formatting rules with the Rules Manager
  • Add a professional sheen to their work with 3D Elements
  • Understand and work with 3D worksheet groups

This is a research-based training course with the course curriculum developed and designed from research with actual industry practitioners to provide delegates with all the tools and techniques needed to create spreadsheets that will assist management in making decisions.

The course is practical and focused. Each of the modules includes step-by-step explanations and hands-on examples. A comprehensive Course Reference Manual will be provided – packed with ideas, techniques, graphics, flow-charts and advanced Excel tools.