Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling


This three-day intensive, practical workshop will teach delegates how to design, construct and effectively use robust financial models, using the unique branded Financial Modelling QuadrantÔ System.

The four Quadrants are:

  1. Identifying the Drivers of the intrinsic value of the company
  2. Model the Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow
  3. Model the Sensitivity of the intrinsic value of the company by flexing the Drivers
  4. Simulate the possible variability of the intrinsic value of the company using the Monte Carlo Simulation.


At the end of the program delegates will have a thorough understanding of the:

  • Construct robust, reliable financial models that are easy to amend and maintain integrity
  • Understand advanced techniques and applications in financial modelling
  • Improve decision-making processes with better risk evaluation, sensitivity analysis and scenario modelling
  • Optimise their financial models to ensure they are easy-to-use and well-documented in accordance with spreadsheet modelling best practices
  • Prepare financial models to address a variety of financial modelling scenarios

This is a research-based training course. The course curriculum has been developed and designed from research with actual industry practitioners to give delegates all the tools and techniques needed to move from basic techniques to becoming a 'blackbelt' in Financial Modelling.