Structured Products

Our Company's Core Strength

Yield Enhancement
A core strength of the company lies in its ability to construct individual and unique products, often using securities and instruments across the various financial spectrums in order to create products that are adjusted to the client’s specific requirements. This ability to structure Over The Counter instruments often leads to exceptional yield enhancement without necessarily increasing the underlying risks associated with investing in that particular asset class.
Hedging Solutions
A core strength of our company is the ability to identify and mitigate financial risk. A strong history of servicing corporate and institutional clients across the globe, ensured exposure to a variety of clients ranging from huge multinational corporates hedging their FX exposures, global NGOs aiming to effectively manage the application of their donor funds globally, hedge funds looking for trade ideas to capture market anomalies to private wealth offices looking for structures.
Generating Alpha
We are able to structure taylor-made solutions unique to a particular client's risk or return profile. We further aim to extract alpha out of existing processes, improving possible outcomes and returns without increasing the existing risk profile

So how does it work?

Select Your Desired Asset Class
We are comfortable in structuring solutions across various asset classes, including Foreign Exchange, Commodities and US Equity Markets
Quantify Desired Outcomes & Measurables
We understand that no financial instrument exists within a vacuum and pay close attention to cross asset correlation and exposures. You decide the required enhancement and risk profile and we will source the most suitable solution.
And we'll deliver the magic!
We have unparalleled dynamic hedging and structuring experience and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.